Yamaha PM7 Trumpet Mute

Ok. So this is not about programming, but I know a lot of programmers who are musicians. For all you trumpet players out there (I know there’s gotta be at least one), I bought the Yamaha PM7 practice mute because of it’s ability to, first and foremost, mute the sound so that I don’t disturb, kids, neighbors, very small rocks, etc. and, secondly, because it provides a way for me to record trumpet playing on my multi-track recorder (DAW). Well, I bought it believing that the “Personal Studio” that you usually buy it with wasn’t necessary. Plus I got the thing brand new off of ebay for $30 (retails for $70). I had figured that the “Personal Studio” was just acting as a simple pre-amp. Apparently there is something else to it. I borrowed the “Personal Studio” from a friend who had one already and it worked fine, so I now need to get one of those.

Anyhow, I just figured that others who buy just the mute would want to know that the “Personal Studio” (Yamaha ST9) is required for it to work. This information isn’t presented anywhere on the web including the Yamaha web site and music instrument vendors such as Musician’s Friend, etc.

At some point, I woould like to crack open the ST9 and and see what they are doing in there to make it work that my recorder doesn’t seem to provide. If there are any audio engineers out there with an idea, please let me know.

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  1. Hello Matt!

    I know it’s been a long time, but I really want to know if you’ve opened your ST9 :-).

    I want to buy a silent brass system for my trumpet, and like you, my first idea would be buying the mute alone, then plug it on a basic pre-amp.

    But acording to you, it’s not possible.

    So can you tell me if there is another way to use the yamaha mute without using the ST9???



  2. Jim,

    Apparently it is *possible* however, it requires a bit of electronics work. I will see if I can find the schematic I had before and send you the link. It may not be worth it, though. I have yet to get this to work.


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