Welcome to Matt Long’s weblog. Here you’ll find blog entries relating mostly to programming and mostly using Objective-C and Cocoa on the Macintosh. Though I have done quite a lot of programming for Windows using the .NET framework, I switched in June of 2007. From time to time I solve programming problems that have an elegant solution and there is often a methodology or at least a code snippet I want to share with others. This is the place where I like to do that. I also run into interesting blogposts that are related to programming or general geek culture that I also like to link to from here.

If you are looking for Matt Long’s company, it is called Skye Road Systems, Inc. You can view the website at http://www.skyeroadsystems.com.

If you’re wondering about the site name “Long Pointers”, well it has a bit of a double meaning. Those of you who are reading this who are programmers may already understand it, but for others, a long pointer is a 64-bit pointer that may point to an object outside its current process space. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about. Most programmers don’t worry about it anymore either, because it was something you only dealt with in the C programming language, which by most accounts is antiquated and these days primarily used for embedded devices and legacy computer systems (with some exceptions). The double meaning comes in because my last name is Long and I am providing programming tips (a.k.a. pointers) on this site. Call it cheezy. Call it what you will. That’s the name and I’m sticking to it.

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