Digg API C# Library

I did a little search around the web for a C# library that encapsulates the Digg API and found this little gem written by Dan Atkinson. Thanks Dan. This is a nice little library. It places the data it gets back from the Digg API calls into a DataSet making it simple to use it however you want. He also wrote a helper function that allows you to get the raw XML. You can simply drop that into an XmlDocument object and use XPath queries to get the nodes you want. From the post on his blog, it sounds like Dan might be extending the library.

You can see Dan’s blog at http://www.dan-atkinson.com/blog/.

The Digg API allows you to collect all kinds of information about Digg stories, comments, users, diggs, and more. It’s quite interesting. I was thinking I might write a few apps that provide a little analysis of what kinds of comments get dugg the most in popular stoires. I’ll write the app when I get a little time. Meanwhile, thanks again, Dan, for the library.

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