Zarra Studios releases iWeb Buddy, the post-processor for iWeb

iWeb Buddy Now AvailableColorado Springs, Colorado – Zarra Studios LLC announced today the release of iWeb Buddy. iWeb Buddy is a post processor application for iWeb that is designed to bring additional functionality to iWeb that professionals and “pro-sumers” have come to need on their web sites.

iWeb Buddy allows you to have multiple domain files with iWeb so that you can keep your sites separated into their own files. iWeb Buddy also post processes web pages created in iWeb; allowing the user to add Google Analytics, Social Bookmarking, Haloscan comments and custom HTML code to your website automatically.

In addition, iWeb Buddy remembers your settings, account numbers, etc. making it easy to update your website whenever you make a change in iWeb.

With iWeb Buddy, a user can “monetize” their websites that they have created in iWeb by being able to track the traffic on their sites, add custom html code for shopping carts and more.

Explains Marcus Zarra, owner of Zarra Studios, “iWeb is a great website design application. It is geared for the consumer but it is so close to being truly viable for professionals to use but it is missing a few key features – iWeb Buddy brings those features to iWeb.”

* Use multiple “domain” files with iWeb
* Add Google Analytics to your website
* Redirect your RSS feeds to sites like Feedburner
* Fix the RSS links on your iWeb blog pages
* Add Social Bookmarking to your blog posts
* Add Haloscan comments to your pages/blog posts
* Add Custom code to your web pages (WITHOUT IFRAMES)
* Add Mint site tracking to your webpages

Pricing and Availability
iWeb Buddy is available today for $25.00 USD for a single user license. A family license is also available for $35.00 USD. A demonstration copy is fully functional for the first 30 days and can downloaded from Zarra Studios website.

Congratulations on this release, Marcus and Zarra Studios!